Georgia Municipal Guide 2016-17 : IFC

The food lover’s heart The book lover’s heart The lover’s heart The pulmonary hypertension heart Pulmonary hypertension puts unbearable stress on the heart. We’re putting our heart into finding a cure. Pulmonary hypertension ( PH ) narrows arteries in the lungs. This puts pressure on the right side of the heart as it works extra hard to push blood through those arteries. It can cause death from heart failure, and there’s no cure. n At first glance, PH can look like asthma or other less threatening diseases. And undiagnosed and untreated, the average survival time with PH is 2.8 years. n But with early diagnosis, new treatments are extending life expectancy and improving PH patients’ quality of life. n The Pulmonary Hypertension Association, PHA for short, gives hope to PH patients, caregivers, family members and medical professionals through support, education, research and advocacy. At PHA there’s no breathing easy until we find a cure. n Learn how you can help at #Heart2CurePH

Pulmonary hypertension Association